April 20, 2008

Music or Quran?

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Newcastle Islamic Society has organized Quranic Intensive Course (QIC) 2008 at Newcastle University Mosque from 19 – 20 April 2008. There are five lectures and five workshop during the course. One of the speaker is Daud Matthews, the famous dai’ in UK.

I’ve been volunteered as committee which incharge for the food. I spent most of my time in the kitchen preparing meals for tea break, lunch and social party. In second day I succeed join the workshop after finishing all preparation earlier.

One of the most interesting topic in this course is about ‘Music or Quran’.

I beleive that this topic is relate to our daily life. Even i love listening M. Nasir’s song which present in multicultural, beutiful poetry and deep meaning. We can or may listening to music anywhere, anytime through many things either from radio, televisyen, mobile phone, iPod, minidisk, computer or from any machine or tools.

From seerah we learn that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) does not forbid the song during the festival or celebration such as during ‘eid and wedding ceremony. The muslim soldier also playing drum to enhance thier encourage when facing the war.

The discussion is not focusing on the status (ahkam) whether it is haram or mubah (allowed). But the discussion is focused to understand the priority between both sources and apply in daily life. No one will object that the Quran is the most important source (in every aspect) but are we really show it in real application?

In current environment, the media is playing vital role to colour peoples. They can turn to worst than animal (or beast) if they follow wrong way and source, or they may become the best creature than angel if they follow the truth path and source. We cannot reject everything that relates within our community, but we have to organize, and adapt it with coorrect method.

The problem is the music make us negligent or forget Quran and Allah. And we put the priority in music higher than quran in our action. Let calculate how many hours we are listening to music and quran, and we will see what we have been doing all this time.

We shouldn’t choose the music that haven’t give any kindness but we have to choose the right source that give good impact. There are Islamic song or nasyeed as an alternative for those who desires music. But the most important rule is the song (or any kind of work) does not make us negligent or forget the God.

How can we change our action to make sure that Quran is the most priority bussiness rather than music. Firstly, we have to strengthen our commitment on doing this (hijra). This discipline must be continously until we successfully acheive the target.

Let put the simple target, 60% for quran and 40% for music as the first trial. Then continue with other methods to acheive this target.

Here are several opinions;

1. Delete/remove (all) lagho media (audio and video) sources. Install/prepare alternative source which relates to quran or Islamic topic.

2. Fix few hours (ie 2 hours) to not listening to music but listening to quran (recitation or any related topic).

3. Target to remember any chapter (every week or month, depend to your ability) and make an effort for it.

4. Find a buddy or pair as a reminder for you. Ask him/her to remind you to read quran and stop you when you are listening to music.

May Allah bless all of us and give us His guidance to follow the right path.

… Verily! Allâh will not change the good condition of a people as long as they do not change their state of goodness themselves… (13:11)


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