December 21, 2008

Do .. while spirit

Filed under: General — wan muhamad azmi mamat @ 9:56 pm

Alhamdulillah, at last i got my code running successfully yesterday. I tried to solve this problem since end of last year, and i failed to solve it before i went to Newcastle. In Newcastle, i don’t do much since i’m lack computer resource.


After coming back, i still trying to solve it. From the beginning of MSc study, i’m always say to myself not to stop even i’m always don’t get the required result. Actaully it was began when i explred the new processor board, single board computer (SBC) as the research assistant. Using Linux platform which is new for me, it’s take time to learn and get familiar but i kept moving.

It is not easy for me to write a code since i’m not from programming or computer science background. I took electrical and exposed only 1 semester about C programming during undergraduate. I’m quite jealous with few of my cluster mate because they are really good in programming, and of course they are computer science background people.

But the most important thing i realized is, they also good in planning or drawing an idea before writing the code. This is important as a guidence before writing and programmer will know their target and the picture of the code process. I’m lack in this, but i don’t want to lack in willing and non-stop spirit.

Sometime its really hard to keep away from computer when the result is show up. I become excited and focus more and more to the code. But that situation is not always happen to me. And whenever i’m blur, empty and lose of what i’m staring, i turned to someone who All Know, Allah. Thank to Him, who always give the pleasure, guidence and the best way out. I’m always realized that, but always senseless careless about it.

Talking about the do .. while spirit, we might not notice that we are living using this method. Take a look at the drawing below.

do {

eat, drink


while (breat == breathe)

The content of do .. while loop above is eat, drink and sleep. It was the common and must do activity in our live. For the mature or adult crature, it can added with sex. We have to add others activity in our live to make life is meaning. And of course we have to do the activity based on what has been obligated by Allah and Islam.

What kind of people who only eat, drink and sleep (and have sex) in thier live? Oh yes, most of us is working. What kind of people of only eat, drink, work and sleep? Do we have a vision and an end aim in our live? Do we do something to contribute for better society?

As the conclusion, the do .. while spirit is really good, but use the general do .. while loop as the second example.


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