January 6, 2009

Eliminate the UN veto power

Filed under: Human Right — wan muhamad azmi mamat @ 5:14 pm

un11The debate about the United Nation Security Council reform is already been discussed for many years. Many looby has been proposed for new permenant member of Security Council which are Brazil, Germany, India and Japan. These new members is proposed based on on current situation regarding to their contribution in UN.

Another important issue that has been disuccesed is the veto power. The veto power is hold by five permenent members currently are Russia, United State, China, France and United Kingdom. Many irresponsible misuseĀ  of veto power been made by those veto member. The veto power or vote has influence the general assembly voting in making decision of proposed dratf on certain issue. The draft is objected if one of the veto member doesn’t agree even majority of the UN general assembly agree. This make the voice of other members in general assmebly is useless.

The example of veto power misuse indicate by Wikipedia is in Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, Vietnam war and Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. US has been used many its veto power to cover Israel from the Middle-East conflict. Many war crime cases has been done by Israel such as the masscarre killing at Shabra and Shatilla, the 6 days war, the 36 hours offense mission at south Lebanon and the current tragic crisis, the attack of Gaza. The Israeli leader never been draged to Justice Court on thier crime because had cover by US through it’s veto power.

The veto power reform has been discussed and several proposals is presented including limiting the use of the veto to vital national security issues; requiring agreement from multiple states before exercising the veto; and abolishing the veto entirely. But the article 108 and 109 of UN grant give the full autority to the P5 for any reforms and modifications. What kind of lack and reckness of human thinking and system (that has been planned by top hand in this world)?

The democracy that the world is proudly and commited with it never give promised in justice for all human being, but has been used for self-agenda. Who can ensure that someone will act just when he get the power? Who can ensure that someone who has veto power won’t act based on own will?


The veto power should must be eliminated to give hope for all nation vioce out their right equally.


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