October 20, 2010

Single Board Computer (SBC) Training

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Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah who gave the strength to share the knowledge He gave to me with the others. A training of SBC using TS-5500 model from Technologic System has been organized at FKEE, UMP on 14 & 15 August 2010.

TS-5500 Single Board Computer

Although the participant is only three person, but i satisfied and happy sharing with them the embedded system architecture knowledge in the open source environment. I believed that they can explain what is the major difference between microcontroller and SBC.

Three competant participants

I choose to share the knowledge of using TS-5500 via Linux environment. Technologic System has provided  small scale embedded OS called TS-Linux. The product from TS can also be run with other OS such as DOS, ucOS and RTKernel. The content of the training as follow.

Day 1
9.30 am Introduction to Linux Environment 

–         Filesystem

–         Console usage

–         Command line

–         Compiling code – GCC

–         Emulator – HOWTO

–         Networking

12.30 pm Lunch Break
2.15 pm Getting Started with SBC 

–         Introduction to TS-5500

–         Initial setting (baud rate, serial port)

–         Accessing SBC via remote host

3.00 pm SBC Configuration 

–         Overall SBC configuration

–         DIO addressing

–         ADC addressing

–         DIO coding example

–         Testing

Day 2
9.30 am Keypad Usage 

–         Device driver

–         Coding example

–         Testing

11.00 am LCD Panel Usage 

–         Device driver

–         Coding example

–         Tetsing

Firstly, the review of Linux environment has been exposed including the filesystem, important command line, using VI emulator, compiling code and several networking process such as SSH and SCP.


Training documents

Since the focus topic requested is using DIO, we have been spent more time examining the DIO coding. The other coding have been compiled and tested are matrix keypad and alphanumeric LCD display.

One important aspect to ensure quick development using SBC is understanding the configuration of it setting such as IO addressing or register. And of course, the compulsory skill required is programming. C programming is used in this training (and mostly for embedded system with Linux platform).

Upon requested, they also ask me to show the use of scripting to enable the executable program run during system start up. It seem they really excited when i’m showing  this ‘hidden magic’ art.


Practical of knowledge shared

The other feature available with this model is A2D. It support 8-channel and 12-bit digital output. The wireless LAN function is available as well with this model. The user can add up TS-9700 to use both ADC and DAC.  The keyboard and VGA video can be used by stacking TS-9500 daughter board.

Here is the list of embedded board manufacturers and dealers worldwide.


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  1. ada perancangan tak nak buat lagi. berminat nak join

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